Financial Services by ManageEngine

Financial Services by ManageEngine

New technologies cause disruption in every sector of the economy, but financial technology has completely transformed the financial services sector. Improvements in consumer engagement Financial Services by ManageEngine marketing, and transactional speed and accuracy are all made in large part by Financial Services IT teams. In the world of financial services, IT problems like the following are becoming more and more of a concern while operational problems with customer service and maintaining competitiveness will always exist.

  • Updating, patching, and performing other maintenance on legacy systems.
  • Combating financial crimes and adhering to stringent regulatory compliances like PCI-DSS and GLBA.
  • Overcoming the digital divide and converting to digital in order to remain competitive in the market.
  • Protecting against cyberattacks and threats, both internal and external, and educating staff about cybersecurity awareness.
  • Establishing secure connections and putting authentication protocols in place to allow mobile users and remote workers to access information safely.
  • Keeping the network and applications up and running will guarantee that resources are available around-the-clock while also giving customers a seamless experience.

Why do businesses require a security information and event management tool?

Every organization has a large number of network devices that collaborate to support daily business operations. With just one security flaw in any of these endpoints, an attacker can completely shut down a company’s operations. It is challenging to pinpoint exactly where you are vulnerable when there are so many devices running at once. These devices do produce security data for each event, but the volume of data makes it challenging to concentrate on the key signs of an attack.

Your enterprise network is safeguarded by a SIEM solution against hacker and insider threats. This ManageEngines`a licensed solution gathers and analyzes the security information produced by your devices in real-time, alerting you as soon as vulnerabilities, signs of a compromise, or any suspicious activity exist.

Enhance mobility

Implement mobility initiatives like BYOD, expanding app usage, and allowing privacy settings on corporate devices to enhance the mobile employee experience and raise employee satisfaction. With the licensed ManageEngine solutions you can establish secure connections to enable remote work for employees and remote access for vendors and other stakeholders, enabling them to work and function successfully from the comfort of their own homes. To prevent hacker attacks and detect intrusions, keep an eye on all the remote devices and other endpoints connected to your company’s network with this licensed solution. With the benefits of increased mobility, make sure all the strict financial regulatory compliances are met.

  • Applications can be remotely installed or removed, and device security can be increased by blocking or allowing apps.
  • Enroll business devices in bulk, and manage and secure them using tools like geo-fencing, device health monitoring, and secure browser features, among others.
  • To protect against vulnerabilities, automate the deployment of security updates for operating systems and third-party applications across all endpoints connected to your network.

Financial Services

IT operations should be modernized

To earn the trust of your clients, you must consistently deliver dependable services across hybrid cloud environments, legacy systems, and everything in between with Financial Services by ManageEngine. Even a brief period of inactivity could lead to insecurity and harm your reputation. Pay close attention to your end-user applications and essential business services, such as payment gateways, to avoid revenue and business losses. To ensure continuous availability, identify intrusions, and stop cyberattacks, use AI to proactively monitor and troubleshoot endpoints, servers, and other network devices. This can be fulfilled with the licensed Financial Services by ManageEngine network solutions

  • To keep them operational, track and monitor the performance of the storage, servers (both physical and virtual), on-premises and cloud applications.
  • Real-time monitoring can help you prevent downtime and performance lags by providing deep insights into the uptime and performance of your network’s components and applications.
  • Keep an eye on network equipment like load balancers, switches, firewalls, and routers. To prevent downtime, manage bandwidth usage, firewalls, IP addresses, switch ports, network configurations, and network traffic.

Abide by the rules

Financial services organizations are required to have a formal security program by industry regulations like PCI-DSS and GLBA, as well as GDPR and other data protection regulations. Compliance with regulatory requirements will aid in preventing outside threats and insider privilege abuse, protecting the data of end users, and avoiding penalties and losing merchant privileges.

  • Create compliance reports to monitor your adherence to compliance standards and for auditing.
  • By keeping track of file and folder operations, you can keep an eye on who has access to your clients’ private financial and personal data.
  • Observe changes made to Active Directory objects and groups, changes made to user rights and privileges, and changes made to security policies.
  • Keep track of who accesses systems and keep an eye out for any potential abuse. Determine the date and time of logon events, their success or failure, and their location.
  • In order to review user activity logs on information systems and conduct forensic analysis in the event of an incident, audit log data should be collected and securely archived.

Abide by the rules ManageEngine

Increase risk defense

With the licensed Financial Services by ManageEngine products, you can establish an environment of extreme vigilance to identify and combat cyber risks, safeguard customer data, safeguard your company’s vital IT resources, and implement agile security responses. To avoid hacks and data loss, proactively monitor each access, use, and transaction made by employees and end users on everything from mobile apps and web channels to ATMs. To reduce security violations, offer secure user identities and role-based access controls. Recognize instances of unusual user behavior to prevent data exfiltration and PII leakage.

  • Immediately stop file transfers, delete, or quarantine files in response to critical incidents.
  • A system for automating threat response can identify and stop malware or other cyberattacks at their source.
  • Rapid forensic analysis should be used to look into the incidents, identify the attackers’ tactics, and record the information for later use.
  • To improve your defenses against insider attacks, keep an eye on Exchange servers, audit changes in real time, and monitor Active Directory objects.
  • Examine every aspect of the email sent and received by your company, including any attachments, message headers, trash folders, etc. to spot threat signs and stop phishing scams.
  • To reduce current threats, foresee potential network security issues, and pinpoint network vulnerabilities, gather logs from devices and applications around the world, whether hybrid or otherwise, into a single console.

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