Governmental Organizations’ IT solutions By ManageEngine

Governmental Organizations' IT solutions By ManageEngine

Governmental Organizations’ IT solutions By ManageEngine

Governmental Organizations’ IT solutions,Government agencies at all levels deal with IT issues that could hinder their operations and harm both the agency and the citizens they serve. Federal agencies must also meet the requirements of IT modernization and follow compliance mandates in addition to these difficulties.

Federal, state, and local IT teams in order to tackle these challenges should be able to:

  • To make wise decisions, analyze data.
  • Strengthen and update their IT infrastructure.
  • Increase citizen satisfaction by digitizing services.
  • Supporting and protecting both old and new systems.
  • Activate proactive cyber-defense techniques and guarantee legal compliance.
  • Assure the systems and applications are running as efficiently and as available as possible.
  • Control and observe who has access to important information systems and sensitive assets.

ManageEngine’s It solutions and their key features

Decisions should be based on data


Having access to a wide range of data can help government organizations make better IT decisions and streamline operations. To manually derive useful insights, however, is challenging given the sheer volume of data available.

IT teams can make informed decisions on the go with the aid of ManageEngine’s AI-enabled IT analytics solution. The licensed ManageEngine’s analytics tools can be of assistance in:

  • To increase IT efficiency, enable quicker and more precise decision-making.
  • To identify the underlying cause of recurrent incidents and lower incident volumes, use visual analysis.
  • Predict and plan for the effects of planned and unplanned changes on government services, citizen welfare, and end-user productivity.
  • By combining data from various sources to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the IT infrastructure, you can solve issues, improve operations, and come to better cost-saving decisions.

Enhance the experiences of both employees and citizens


When interacting with government services, both citizens and employees expect positive experiences. Agencies must make sure they can respond quickly to incidents, citizen inquiries, and internal service requests.

IT help desks are fully protected by the licensed ManageEngine’s enterprise service management solutions. All departments within an organization can now access best practice ITSM capabilities, enabling them to:

  • Deliver amazing customer experiences.
  • Ensure that service management has centralized control and 360-degree visibility.
  • Provide round-the-clock assistance to improve experiences for customers and staff.
  • To encourage engagement and uphold security and compliance, continue end-to-end communication with the public.
  • Automate help desk processes with smart workflows and self-service portals that enable end users to handle repeat incidents on their own.

 ManageEngine  Avoid cyberattacks and make sure all regulations are followed


Government institutions have long been a favorite target of cyber espionage and other more disruptive attacks. Attacks like these have increased in frequency and danger as cybercriminals become more daring and technologically sophisticated, putting at risk not only private data but also the delivery of essential goods and services, as well as even the health of citizens.

Real-time privileged user access security is made possible by ManageEngine security solutions, which offer actionable insights to prevent, detect, and mitigate cyberattacks. Additionally, with predefined and customizable compliance reports, this licensed solution aids in ensuring safety and compliance with internal or regulatory mandates. Government IT teams can:

  • In the Active Directory environment, keep track of all user actions and modifications.
  • Learn everything there is to know about the cloud infrastructures of AWS, Exchange Online, and Azure Active Directory.
  • To identify and notify security teams of cyberthreats or security incidents, make sure end-to-end log management and analysis is in place.
  • Use user entity behavior analytics to quickly identify attacks such as data theft, account compromise, insider threats, and others.
  • Update threat definitions and scan the network for indications of potential cyberthreats by communicating with various threat feeds.
  • In order to monitor and guarantee compliance with legal requirements like PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, GPG 13, and the GDPR, you can create predefined or custom reports.

Access to services and resources is controlled and secured


Services provided by various government organizations are now more effective and accessible thanks to digital transformation. However, it has also brought up fresh issues with regard to controlling and keeping an eye on access to various services, resources, and sensitive assets.

IT administrators are given the following options by ManageEngine’s identity and access management solutions, which aid in controlling access, upholding security, and guaranteeing compliance.

  • To lessen the risks associated with passwords, use secure single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.
  • To give workers and citizens secure, on-demand access to the resources they require, streamline identity and access provisioning.
  • Manage and monitor user access to data, applications, and online services to make sure they are authorized, secure, and compliant.
  • Implement the zero-trust security principles: always confirm user identities and give users the fewest privileges necessary to complete their tasks.
  • To prevent the compromise of private government information, you should secure remote access, monitor privileged accounts, and track and record all privileged activities in real time.

Maintaining and securing both old and new systems


Adoption of new technologies could add new IT management complexities for governmental organizations. Along with modern desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other endpoints, IT administrators also need to manage and secure legacy systems. It can be difficult and costly to secure such a diverse range of organizational endpoints.

All agency endpoints can be managed, updated, and secured using the licensed ManageEngine’s unified endpoint management solutions, which aid IT teams in:

  • Automate and simplify routine device management processes.
  • Control and troubleshoot systems remotely, backup disk images, install software, and more.
  • Utilize application allow lists and application block lists to stop the use of malicious and unauthorized applications.
  • Manage the endpoints, or asset footprints, of your organization’s quickly expanding infrastructure from a single location.
  • For better decision-making, manage asset configuration, map asset relationships, and visually assess the impact of changes and outages.
  • Automate patch deployment for the operating system and third-party software to protect endpoints from high-priority vulnerabilities.
  • Automate the tracking of hardware and software inventories, and reduce costs by getting rid of redundant support and licensing agreements.
  • Protect mobile devices and stop data leaks by remotely wiping sensitive information from lost or stolen devices to enable secure mobility for your workforce.

ManageEngine solution

Keep an eye on the IT infrastructure.

The responsibility for preventing unplanned outages and network downtime, as well as improving user experience on their applications and websites, falls to IT teams working for government organizations as they modernize and digitize operations. To provide first-rate service to their citizens, IT teams must guarantee government portals have high uptime and availability.

Government networks, devices, and applications can be managed and monitored in real-time with the aid of ManageEngine’s network and application management solutions. The licensed ManageEngine solutions assist in:

  • Get 360-degree views of traditional, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures by monitoring constantly growing IT environments.
  • Automatically identify and fix performance bottlenecks to maintain the availability of your critical systems, speed up workflow, and cut costs.
  • Automated network configuration backups should be performed, and unauthorized changes should be tracked in real time to ensure accountability.

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