ManageEngine Healthcare Solutions


ManageEngine Healthcare Solutions, Healthcare IT teams are adapting to new and improving technologies, from telemedicine to artificial intelligence, to provide the best possible experience for patients and caregivers. New practices are replacing traditional medical approaches, so it’s important that your primary sanitation system – sanitation works that include:

ManageEngine Healthcare Solutions

  • Improve the quality of patient and staff experience.
  • Ensure critical applications and resources are available 24/7.
  • Ensure compliance with complex regulations like HIPAA and HITECH safety.
  • Support legacy systems with updates, security patches and more maintenance.
  • Provide secure access for all users and regulate permissions and access controls for a growing workforce.
  • Protect Patients against loss or any form of breach of privacy, integrity or confidentiality.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity by protecting your organization’s networks, IT assets and data from underestimated external threats.
  • Implement a modern network infrastructure and optimize IT operations for efficient operation in distributed and hybrid environments.

Stay compliant

ManageEngine Healthcare Solutions, Regulatory compliance helps prevent external threats and abuse of internal privileges and penalties. HIPAA and HITECH accredited organizations protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ePHI, including personally identifiable health information. Build trust with your patients and reduce business risk while maintaining compliance.

ManageEngine`s licensed solutions enable you to:

  • Identify when and where logon events succeeded and why they failed.
  • Control access to sensitive patient data by monitoring file and folder activity.
  • Track changes to objects and groups in Active Directory, changes to user rights and permissions, and changes to security policies.
  • Securely collect and store audit trail data to view user activity records on IT systems and perform forensic analysis in incident response.
  • Connect users logging into systems and monitor potential abuse with reports on user logins and logouts across devices, network components, mailboxes, and more.

Keep data private and secure

ManageEngine Healthcare Solutions, Because healthcare data is highly sensitive, it provides secure, role-based access to sensitive information to protect patient privacy. ManageEngine detects unusual user behavior to protect against data exfiltration. Track patient access, usage, and data transfers to prevent data loss and set up backup and recovery plans. Manage remote workers while they connect to your company’s network to access confidential data.

ManageEngine`s licensed solutions enable you to:

  • Responds quickly to critical incidents by blocking file transfers and deletions or quarantine files.
  • Detects and eliminates ransomware attacks promptly with an automated threat response system.
  • Find and track sensitive ePHI, monitor file access and modification, and report sensitive files that have been exposed.
  • Detect and monitor the use of removable media such as USB drives or printers and block unauthorized access to prevent device data loss.
  • Capture network, hybrid, or other types and use machine learning to detect anomalies in user behavior to prevent data breaches.

ManageEngine Healthcare Solutions

Manage your network

ManageEngine Healthcare Solutions, Track and connect complex life support and other medical devices in your network and gain insight into their attributes and dependencies via CMDB. With ManageEngine you can manage all of your healthcare organization’s endpoints from one central location, comforting and protecting against threats, breaches and vulnerabilities. Leverage artificial intelligence to proactively monitor and troubleshoot critical applications, servers, and other network devices to ensure continuous availability, detect intruders, and prevent cyberattacks.

ManageEngine solutions can help you:

  • Install or uninstall apps remotely and maximize device security by blocking or allowing apps.
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of your IT assets, from purchase to disposal. Maintain inventory and manage orders to avoid layoffs and reduce expenses.
  • Track and monitor the performance of physical and virtual servers, storage and on-premises applications and cloud resources to ensure their business continuity.
  • Get detailed information about the availability and performance of network components and applications with real-time monitoring and avoid downtime and performance delays.
  • Automatically and bulk deploy security patches for operating systems and third-party applications to all endpoints connected to your network to protect them from vulnerabilities.
  • Monitor network devices including routers, switches, firewalls and network balancers. Manage IP addresses, change ports, network configurations and firewalls, monitor bandwidth consumption and optimize network traffic to protect against downtime.

Improve service management

Create seamless patient experiences by streamlining administrative and clerical tasks. Improve the employee experience by ensuring consistent service delivery and operations management across departments. ManageEngine enables employees to collaborate, centralize knowledge and services, and create workflows for uninterrupted day-to-day operations. Automate repetitive processes and set up patient self-service portals to reduce the workload of healthcare professionals.

With licensed ManageEngine solutions you can:

  • Manage more nursing calls and other patients, and regular staff care requests.Automate ticket workflow and keep users informed until a ticket is resolved.
  • Ensure quick resolution by creating appropriate service level agreements with established escalation paths to ensure satisfaction for the end user.
  • Create a comprehensive knowledge base so end-users can find solutions and workarounds to any problem faster, and make IT technicians more productive.
  • Collect regular feedback from end users to measure their satisfaction.Reduce repeat visits, calls, emails and duplicate requests by building knowledge bases and online portals. Reduce the workload of service technicians and improve their productivity.
  • Create portals of personalized self-service for everyone stakeholders according to their roles and enable them quick access to the service catalog. Keep them updated on the progress of their requests and tickets and allow them to interact with technicians directly from the portal.

Improve service management ManageEngine

Personalize patient care

Integrate patient records across departments and maintain a single, consistent panel of information to effectively deliver personalized patient care and support. ManageEngine Improve patient retention by orchestrating your organization’s data flow to enable efficient coordination between departments and reduce patient wait times with high-speed data processing. Enable healthcare professionals to collaborate with their colleagues in real time and deliver medical care from anywhere with a comprehensive document management system.

ManageEngine`s licensed solutions enable you to:

  • Silo down eliminate; Create an archive of all patient data so the most important details are available to the right people at the right time. Secure and facilitate data exchange for everyone involved.
  • Collect and combine data from multiple sources, hosted in the cloud or on-premises, and bring information together through automated reports and dashboards powered by artificial intelligence.

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