Optimize your IT infrastructure with ManageEngine

Optimize your IT infrastructure with ManageEngine

Optimize your IT infrastructure with ManageEngine

Optimize IT infrastructure ManageEngines comprehensive on-premises and cloud IT management solutions for the education industry give you full control of your IT infrastructure and services both on campus and remotely to foster a highly secure ecosystem.

 IT infrastructure with ManageEngine Intelligent IT Analysis

Optimize IT infrastructure Intelligent IT Analysis

Optimize IT infrastructure To make informed IT decisions, it is important for IT teams to have datasets from multiple IT facets and meaningful correlations from tons of data for actionable Uncover insights. ManageEngine’s licensed advanced self-service analytics solution helps you connect the dots and make intelligent IT decisions on the go.

Intelligent IT Analysis Features

  • Instant and flexible reporting
  • Hundreds of built-in reports and dashboards
  • Data visualization and business intelligence for IT
  • Out-of-the- Box support for several days of cough sources

Campus network, data and device security

Open networks, vast amounts of data and records, and vast amounts of intellectual property such as patents and research reports place additional responsibilities on campus IT professionals to maintain student and staff privacy and provide granular levels of security to protect your systems from internal and external threats.

Proactive solutions to protect campus IT

ManageEngine licensed security solutions provide actionable insights to predict, identify and mitigate cyber-attacks and protect privileged user access in real-time while ensuring security, reporting and compliance with government or internal regulations. Licensed manageEngine IT security management solutions include:

    • Verification of user login activity to prevent abuse
    • Integrated tool to monitor user login activities and prevent abuse
    • SSH keys, SSL certificates and security management solutions for privileged users
    • Flow-based network monitoring to monitor Internet, VPN, and student firewall usage
    • A secure vault to store and manage admin, student and Staff credentials for user logins
    • Self-service password management with options to reset and change password for students and staff
    • Comprehensive SIEM solution for Collect, analyze, report and archive logs from one central location

Campus Network and Application Performance Management

While educational institutions strive to make research and learning ubiquitous, the responsibility inevitably rests with research teams on campus IT to prevent unplanned outages and network downtime and to optimize the user experience for users of your institutional website and your intranet portal. IT teams need to ensure high uptime and availability of learning and assessment portals to provide a seamless learning experience.

Real-time campus network and application solutions

Network and application by the licensed ManageEngine Management solutions enable IT administrators to ensure high network and application availability without downtime. Benefits include:

  • Manage bandwidth for critical submissions and acceptance deadlines
  • AIOps to effectively prevent downtime, unplanned outages and overload
  • Monitor learning portals, intranet, websites and real-time user experience
  • Block student access to listed apps and websites per black-per-campus policy
  • A single console to monitor network configuration changes, compliance, and user activity
  • Monitor application, server, database, and cloud performance with performance diagnostics
  • Control, monitor and block USB devices and peripherals from unauthorized access to confidential data since 98

Real-time campus network and application solutions

Campus endpoint security and management

Adopting innovations such as virtual reality labs, augmented reality, and smart classrooms requires a variety of endpoints, including smartphones, tablets, servers, computer desktops, etc. As a result, IT departments face the challenge of managing, updating and securing the wide range of endpoints on campus, which are not only cumbersome but also costly to manually maintain.

Management solutions from Unified Endpoints for Pervasive

Learning ManageEngine’s end-to-end IT solutions for the education industry help manage, update and secure all endpoints on campus from a central console and assist IT -Technicians on:

  • Reduce bandwidth and power consumption by deploying multiple effective configurations.
  • Significantly reduce manual labor by automating and streamlining the management of routines. Homework
  • Enforce standard student BYOD policies and usage, restrict use of USB and external hardware, and blacklist apps
  • Remotely monitor and troubleshoot and install software applications such as CAD, MATLAB and Microsoft Excel in bulk from a central location
  • Ensure regular and timely deployment of -Patches to multiple endpoints across campus securely, including two legacy systems and stay ahead of threats.

Campus Help Desk & Asset Management

There is a high influx of students semester after semester, which means that each group has an increasing number of support issues, new SLA sets, issues and changes the end user has their own different requirements. IT teams need to ensure rapid incident resolution, regular audits, and distributed asset management across schools and campuses.

Intelligent Enterprise Service Management Solutions for Higher Education

From resolving major incidents and fulfilling student and faculty requests to streamlining service workflows, ManageEngine’s licensed enterprise service management solutions cover your IT helpdesk on all fronts.

  • Review, sync, and manage distributed assets and help desks from a single console
  • Build custom workflows to fulfill service requests, automate routine tasks, manage changes, and approve releases seamlessly
  • Empower students and staff with an integrated self-service portal to effectively prioritize and focus on more important tasks
  • Introduce students , faculty, and alumni a one-stop shop for access to campus services, announcements, information, and more
  • Integrate network alerts, device management and user portals into your service desk for a detailed overview of all your day-to-day IT operations

 Optimize IT infrastructure ManageEngine License

Curriculum, Faculty and Student Records, and Access Management

Optimize IT infrastructure Educational institutions use Active Directory to manage student, faculty, syllabus, and staff accounts. Access to faculty, curriculum and batch records for privileged staff. All this complicated account provisioning, management and de-provisioning has to be implemented in a very short time.

Robust solutions for managing your identity challenges

ManageEngine offers licensed integrated IT solutions for the universities that help manage the records of users, students, and teachers. Educational institutions can control access, enforce security, and ensure compliance. Benefits include:

  • Forgotten or bulk reset expired passwords of students
  • Delete accounts and associated data from outgoing batches
  • Identify inactive user accounts and deactivate student accounts that have interrupted a course or taken a gap year
  • Automatic one-step account creation for new students in Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Exchange, G Suite and Skype for Business
  • Update file server permissions, group memberships and contacts attributes, so students and staff can access their batch and course-based materials when needed.

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